Frequently Asked Questions about visiting CRBC

What Can I Expect On My First Visit?
On your first visit to anywhere new, itís common to feel slightly apprehensive. We will do all we can to make you feel right at home. There will be someone to greet you and answer any questions you might have regarding our Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:45 AM or our Sunday Morning Worship Hour at 11:00 AM. Greeters will direct you to the appropriate Bible Study Class or assist you in being seated in the auditorium.

What About My children?
Children and students are a high priority at Cooper River Baptist Church. We provide excellent nursery care and special classes for all ages each Sunday Morning. While you are enjoying the worship service, your children can enjoy interactive activities with their peers. For more information, click on Children and Youth Ministries.

How Do I Get There?
Weíre located in the Park Circle area of North Charleston one block off of the Olde North Village district. There are some really exciting things going on in our community and if you havenít traveled to the end of East Montague lately you might be surprised at what you find there. For a map and more detailed directions click here.

What Is Your Worship Service Like and How Should I Dress?
Our worship style is a gently blend of traditional hymns and contemporary choruses. We will occasionally feature video clips, special music and dramatic presentations. Pastor Gary will bring a message on being Godís people in todayís world accompanied by a Bible Study Guide and PowerPoint presentation.

Honestly, we believe that God is far more concerned with whatís on the inside than whatís on the outside. We want you to focus on opening your heart to what God might want to do in you and not be overly concerned with how youíre dressed. You will find some folks dressed casually and others with more formal dress. We simply encourage our people to dress modestly and in a way that honors God.

Do You Embarrass Guests During the Service?
Not if we can help it! We donít point out guests during the service, or ask them to stand up. What we do is ask guests to fill out a ďConnection CardĒ and to let us know if further information is desired. We may send you a letter to thank you for coming, but we will not turn up on your doorstep.

Do I Have To Put Money In The Offering Plate?
We donít expect guests to put money in the offering plate; this is for regular attendees.

What Happens on Sunday Nights?
Our Connection Groups meet on Sunday evenings at various locations throughout the area. Click here for more information on our small group ministry or to find a Connection Group near you. A variety of meetings, special events, and opportunities are also held on Sunday nights throughout the year, although there is not a weekly service. Partnership with God is necessary if Cooper River Church is to be a catalyst in our community. We purpose to build relationships by meeting the needs of our neighbors, both physical and spiritual. The Holy Spirit if faithful to create the opportunity for the gospel to be shared in love in an atmosphere of trust.